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Child Playing the Piano

Are you a parent of a musically gifted child?  

Do you want to be a part of their journey, but have little or no music training? 

Introducing the one and only 

Science of Music 

Course for Parents

The Science of Music is the resource my father wished he had when I was a child-musician.  He passionately wanted to be a part of my musical journey, but struggled with his limited knowledge of music.  Helping parents like him was my inspiration to create  the Science of Music program."

~ Dr. Marcin Bela, the instructor. 

Course Overview

What does it mean to be a Music Parent?

The ABC's

  • Ability to communicate with your child about music from a broader perspective 

  • Balance your child’s music study with the rest of their life of learning and growing

  • Connect with your child about their passion, creating a meaningful bond of curiosity about art and life

The Science of Music Course for Parents

explains the fundamental mechanics of music (how notes organize and relate to each other) using analogies with basic science.

It consists of concise, insightful videos, useful activities and engaging conversation topics. 

The Science of Music Intro Course starting at $89

The Universe of Music
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What's Inside?

Science of Music Course for Parents contains 17 units, each composed of a 10-minute video, a 1-2 page written summary and a set of exercises, activities and/or conversations topics.


It is a self-guided, go-at-your-own-pace program, but we recommend absorbing 1 or 2 units per week, to let the concepts sink in.

Table of Contents

Unit 1: “What is music made of?”

Notes and intervals - the ‘atoms’ of music


Units 2-3: “The White-Key Galaxy”

The inner matrix of musical notes 


Unit 4: “Music is Math”

The sound of numbers  


Units 5-6: “The Forces of Nature, the Forces of Music”

Consonance, dissonance and "electromagnetism" between notes 


Units 7-9: “What key are we in?”

Tonal centers and the ‘gravity’ of music       


Units 10-12: “Atomic bonds and harmony”

Chords - the ‘molecules’ of music 


Units 13-15: “Black holes, black keys and the Circle of Fifths”

The 12 dimensions of the White Key Galaxy


Units 16-17: “The space odyssey of Ode to Joy”

How our brain follows the music around the White Key Galaxy 

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