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The Universe of Music

student review for universe of music

He teaches music at an atomic level!

Kingston Nolen, 6th grade

Mother and son review of universe of mus

A creative exploration into the relationships between music & science. Marcin has a very profound yet down to earth way of making it interesting & fun to dive into the wonders & intricacies of music.

Christy Lynn Hicks, Mom

Dr Wayne C Petty

The instructional materials by Dr. Marcin Bela are the work of a fluent and versatile musician who has thought deeply about teaching musical subjects to young musicians. His work strikes a fine balance between science and art, thought and feeling, theory and practice. It should be taken seriously by anyone seeking a musically and pedagogically effective approach to basic music instruction.

Dr. Wayne C. Petty, Associate Professor and past Chair of Music Theory, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Dr Jamey Simmons

This is an amazing resource for augmenting private instruction, and leading to composition.

Dr. Jamey Simmons

Director of Jazz Studies

Middle Tennessee State University

Chris review for universe of music

As a Dr. of Psychology I seek constant self-growth that allows me to give back to others. His approach to “music lessons” results in this in practical and philosophical ways.

Dr. Chris Hilicki, PhD

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