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The Universe of Music

The Universe of Music

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How does music work? 

How do frequencies add up to notes, melodies, songs, sonatas and soundtracks?

What makes notes clump together in scales and chords? 

Why do some sounds harmonize and others clash?

Decoding Music

Taught by internationally renown musician and scholar Dr. Marcin Bela, The Universe of Music courses break down the invisible patterns that permeate our lives - affecting our emotions, selling products and starting revolutions.

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What's Inside?

The Science of Music Core Curriculum

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The Science of Music
Table of Contents

“What is music made of?”

Notes and intervals - the ‘atoms’ of music


“The White-Key Galaxy”

The inner matrix of musical notes 


“Music is Math”

The sound of numbers  


“The Forces of Nature, the Forces of Music”

Consonance, dissonance and "electromagnetism" between notes 


“What key are we in?”

Tonal centers and the ‘gravity’ of music       


“Atomic bonds and harmony”

Chords - the ‘molecules’ of music 


“Black holes, black keys and the Circle of Fifths”

The 12 dimensions of the White Key Galaxy


“The space odyssey of Ode to Joy”

How our brain follows the music around the White Key Galaxy 

The Curriculum

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