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The Universe of Music

The Particles of Music and the Melody of Life

An interactive masterclass on music and science with Dr. Marcin Bela


The Universe of Music teaches not just how much works, but also how it mirrors the physical universe we live in.

It explains musical concepts by drawing parallels with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Psychology, connecting your musical explorations with your curiosity about the world as a whole.

It is designed for children and adults. Younger children usually do the course with a parent or teacher, as a bonding exercise of discovering together, while High School students and adults can do the course on their own.


Organized into 16-unit semesters, the course includes:

  • Weekly videos on Music, Science, Mathematics and Philosophy

  • Reading Materials

  • Music Exercises

  • Engaging Assignments

  • Conversation Topics

Playing Piano

Summer Camp


This summer we are offering a two-week intensive version of the program, with daily videos and activities, and weekly zoom sessions with Dr. Bela.


Round 1:

June 14th - June 25th


Round 2:

July 12th - July 23rd

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About Us

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Dr Marcin Bela speaking to crowd about t

I'm Dr. Marcin Bela

and I teach the relationship between Music and Science.

Music is everywhere, pouring out of every phone, car and earbud, affecting our attention and emotions, selling products and starting revolutions. Wouldn’t it be useful to know how it works? What are the note patterns that permeate our lives?



student review for universe of music

He teaches music at an atomic level!


Kingston Nolen, 6th grade


Mother and son review of universe of mus

A creative exploration into the relationships between music & science. Marcin has a very profound yet down to earth way of making it interesting & fun to dive into the wonders & intricacies of music.


Christy Lynn Hicks, Mom


Chris review for universe of music

As a Dr. of Psychology I seek constant self-growth that allows me to give back to others. His approach to “music lessons” results in this in practical and philosophical ways.


Dr. Chris Hilicki, PhD



Expert Teachers

Dr. Marcin Bela has made a career out of helping students achieve their best by using a more holistic teaching approach.

Our Course Benefits


Online Community

Work at your own pace with this online curriculum.  Write to others about the lessons to compare what you've learned!


Flexible Curriculum

You can pause the videos and practice the exercises as until you feel comfortable with the material.  Parents and students are encouraged to work together!